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Through the crowds, crying out at me
In your place there were a thousand other faces
I was disappearing in plain sight
Heaven help me, I need to make it right

You want a revelation,
You wanna get it right
But, it's a conversation,
I just can't have tonight
You want a revelation
Some kind of resolution
You want a revelation

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes
I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day,
You can't choose what stays and what fades away

-- Florence + the Machine, "No Light, No Light"

You are the silence in between what I thought and what I said.Collapse )
but these people don't seem to mind
sweet vermouth now you're telling me the truth
a little stubbornness will work out fine
a bottom feeder at the end of my rope
but i'm wondering where this rope began
gonna circle around what i couldn't help bring down
it's just supply with demand
nothing looks the same
even when there's been no change
say that something's gonna give

--All Over Now - Eric Hutchinson-

and it's all giving out on youCollapse )

[h-06] Will you believe me

All the words that I come up with
They’re like gasoline on flames
There’s no excuse, no explanation
Believe me if I could undo what I did wrong
I’d give away all that I own
When I say I’m sorry
Will you believe me
Listen to my story
Say you won’t leave me
When I say I’m sorry
Can you forgive me
When I say I will always be there
Will you believe
If I told you I’ve been cleanin’ my soul
And If I promise you I’ll regain control
Will you open your door
And let me in take me for who I am
And not for who I’ve been

::Daughtry - Sorry::

who I’ve beenCollapse )


[r-05] let me down, you say never

All your stormy words have barely broken
And you sound like thunder though
You've barely spoken
Oh, it looks like rain tonight and thank God
'Cause a clear sky just wouldn't feel right.

-- Sara Bareilles, "Come Round Soon"

Like I'm just one more tortured heart...Collapse )

[h-05] I have seen ten roses bleed

Seen new petals fall,
I have felt my soul tear.
I have felt nothing at all.
Watched what was vibrant
fade as shadows fall.
I can see it's been done,
all that was pure has been eradicated.
I can see, it's all done.
Nothing can erase the damage done.
I have seen deceit handed down.
From the highest height, below the lowly.

--Overexpoure [AFI]

I can see it's been done.Collapse )

[h-04] Violent Seas

Standing on a land unknown interpreting the same
Believing in a chance of hope and see it slowly fade
It's breaking far away replacing what I'm made of

Looking for a way to show that I'm
Searching for a faith who knows that I'm
Screaming for a place to go, 'cause I'm drowning in the violent seas
of being force fed societies
Shallow end of misery please take me away 'cause I can't
Stay looking for a way to show that i'm okay
Screaming for a place like home

Treading in the fears I own of ending up ashamed
While cornered in this life and prone
By overbearing waves
That steal what I have saved replacing what I gave up


Away, far awayCollapse )

[r-04] this is to new york city angels

and I think about Pompeii when I feel an end is near,
just before the rain and every time you disappear,
and I think about a teacup, suspended and half-served,
and all the scholars know is that it's perfectly preserved.
"Oh, oh," that's all, they say,
"This was Pompeii."

and as for my own kingdom, not a table leg was charred,
I simply lost my kingdom 'cause I held it much too hard,
once I had a sadness, and the sadness turned to trust,
the trust turned into ashes and to lawyers and to dust,
a century, a day,
This was Pompeii.

-- Dar Williams, "This Was Pompeii"

And she looks up at the black sky beyond the mountain tall..Collapse )
Don't know what to do anymore
I've lost the only love worth fighting for
I'll drown in my tear storming sea,
That would show you, that would make you hurt like me

All the same
I don't want mudslinging games
It's such a shame
To let you walk away

Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?

-- A Fine Frenzy, "Ashes and Wine"

Don't know if our fate's already sealed...Collapse )